This wasn’t a typically styled shoot. It wasn’t organised solely with perfectly put together pieces, rather it was about creating something new. I had the absolute pleasure of working with White Cat Studio and Ms Cupcake for this shoot and it was incredible. I hope that you like the results. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Every little girl dreamed of having a perfect and special day that was filled with an air of magic. My goal is to make sure that those dreams become realities. Once you have found that perfect dress and those fabulous shoes, that doesn’t mean that the preparations are over, they are simply a part of it all. Considering all those who will attend your day, it is important to have delicious food done in a way that will help etch the event into people’s memories. As the old saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This can be said for almost anyone. Seeing the perfect ceremony and setting should be matched with an exquisite meal and the all-important cake. I have had the chance to work with an amazing food artist, who can put together an incredible array of flavours and textures to make an amazing wedding cake. Using only the finest ingredients of course! Not only does the finished wedding piece look astonishing, but the essences and aromas took me back to a little place called paradise! I always say that every single detail is crucial to making your wedding day remarkable, but nevertheless, your food plays a big part in the event. We fall in love with eyes but we taste with grace. 

With Love









Behind the lens:  White Cat Studio | Delightful creations: Ms Cupcake Cork |  Styling: Petal&Twine

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